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I decided to check out Super Slots Casino after becoming familiar with its two sister casinos - Millionaire and English Harbour - all of whom are owned and operated by English Harbour Gaming Ventures. At first I was a little reluctant, because as with most casino networks, I was expecting it to be the exact same casino as Millionaire or English Harbour, but with a different color scheme and lobby layout. However, after looking at the game inventory, I could see why Super Slots is its own distinct site. I am not a huge slots fan, but I do enjoy passing some time on the machines and reverting back to my childhood video gaming days. Super Slots offers three additional five-reel progressive machines and nine additional standard three-reel slots than its two brethren casinos, thus making it a worthwhile place to visit if you ask me - especially if you enjoy a large selection of slot machines.

SuperSlots Website

What's there to say besides it looks like a slot machine. Really, the only reason anyone would need to visit the website is to download the software. If you want to read up on game rules and such forth, your best bet is to click on the SiteMap at the bottom of the page or access them once inside the casino lobby. Even though I really didn't need to see any game demos simply because I was already quite familiar with Vegas Technology Software, there is a Game Demo and Rules page on the SuperSlots website. I decided to check it out. While the rules were readily available, there are actually no game demos. Each game has a link that says "Play Now", which I took to mean, Play now, meaning I would be synced into a Flash version of the game in order to give it a go. But nope. Each "Play Now" link simply starts the casino software downloading, which is a little confusing if you ask me. Although a download will get you playing, "Play Now" generally refers to playing the Flash version of the software. The links should say "Download Now". Vegas Technology actually doesn't have a Flash version of their software anyways. If you want to get a preview of their games, your best bet is to visit Millionaire Casino and view their "Game Demos", which are actual game demos, although still pretty basic. Or, you could download the software (it takes less than a minute) and try the games out with Fun Money. That's what I did.

Customer Service

In terms of customer service at all the EH Gaming Venture Casinos I've played, it has been nothing short of outstanding. The only reason I've decided to talk about customer service at Super Slots was that I had an experience with customer service which if I had not taken the time to investigate, would have probably left me with a dissatisfied view of Super Slots customer service.  So, after first downloading the software, instead of the welcome/login screen popping up, nothing happened. Strange, I thought. So I looked around in my Programs menu and saw that the icon for Super Slots was there and that it was properly downloaded. I clicked on the icon, and sure enough, it opened the casino. After logging in, the first thing I noticed was a message announcing upcoming tournaments for October 07, which seriously deserve mentioning. Over $32,000 in winnings from 27 different freeroll tournaments (mainly slots tournaments) was available, as well as $93,000 in winnings from 48 scheduled real money tournaments - just in one month.

Anyways, while I was reading this, I wondered if the weekly tournaments were the same every week. Nothing was mentioned in the promo announcement, so I decided to contact customer service via the live chat link in the software. After clicking the link, a message came up saying Stand By...I would be connected. About thirty seconds later another message came up saying Brad or Stephen (whatever his name was) would be helping me today. Another thirty seconds go by and no message from Brad. I typed in a Hello. I waited another couple of minutes. Still nothing. I closed out the chat software. I got really frustrated and was about to call them up on the phone, but decided to try the chat software again. Everything started out the same except that this time Brad actually said "How can I help you" He preceded to answer my question and also asked if he could help me with anything else. Although the response time was a little slow, the service was good. I think the chat software must have been a little slow or I was timed out the first time. One thumb down for the live chat software, one thumb up for the service.


So being that I was at Super Slots, I wanted to make a point of playing the slots and winning some money. I randomly chose the Alien Invasion traditional three-reel slot just because it was at the top of the list. All I can say is intense. Man, this machine moved so fast, and the sounds were so intense that I felt like I was looking under the hood of a monster truck. I honestly have to say that I got caught up playing this game. The coin sizes range from $0.10 to $10 (as they do with all the traditional slots here), and so I started out with a safe $0.25 coin size on all three lines, making a total bet size of $0.75. Within the first five minutes I was up five bucks and a voice said to quit, but I kept playing anyways. I was down about $10 within the next five minutes and just when I was about to take a break, I hit a nice payout that put me up $7. I probably would have played longer but because I was on a mission to try out new games, I moved onward.

Next, I hit up the Bonus Slots, and decided to give the five-reel, twenty payline, "Fat Cat" a go. I got courageous and put down $0.25 coins on all twenty paylines ($5 bets) and proceeded to burn through about $175 in fifteen minutes. With the hope that by betting more I would win more, I soon realized that one needs to have a large bankroll if betting stakes larger than a quarter on the slots. But by the grace of the Slot Gods (or Fat Cat himself), I hit the bonus and walked away with $140 in bonus money. That brought me back to my original bankroll (okay, $10 short), and I moved on.

Eventually, I found myself back at "X Marks the Spot", which is my favorite Vegas Technology slot of all time. I wanted to have a go at it just to see if I would be as successful playing it as I was at Millionaire and English Harbour Casino. Need I say any more. After winning on like my first five spins (followed by a brief dry spell) I hit the bonus round and walked away with $93. This put me up $46.20 than when I started off. I played some more and hit the bonus round again - this time accumulating $134 in bonus money. However, this time I decided to trade it for whatever amount was in the treasure chest, which was only $54. That's the second time I got burned doing that! I will never trade my bonus money again! All in all, I still think I want to marry "X Marks the Spot". Man, I really do revert back to my childhood when playing slots. And that's what it should be about anyways...Having some fun and picking up a little extra cash (if your smart) and lots of cash (if your lucky).

Between all the slots (nearly ninety of them) standard table game selection (18 total), 15 video pokers, and five specialty games, I give the game selection at Super Slots two thumbs up.


A great place to play if you like Vegas Technology casinos and slots. If you are not a big slots fan then you might as well play English Harbour or Millionaire. The tournament action here is another big plus. If you love live chat and totally rely on it, I would give it a test before you deposit real money. I might have had a glitch with my computer or internet connection, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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