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Craps Gambling Strategy - The Difference Between the Right & Wrong Bettors

If you've had a chance to read my last two strategy articles, there's a good chance you might be expecting a showdown. Well then, Ladies and Gentleman, without further delay I present to you now, the Craps Bettor showdown. In the far corner, needing no introduction and coming in at 1.414% Casinos Edge is the one, the only, Right Bettoooooor! And in this corner, led by an infamous reputation and coming in at a cool 1.402% Casinos Edge is the undisputed champion of the world, the Wrong Bettooooooor!

Okay, stop. Wait a second. The undisputed champion of the world? Just because it has little over one-hundredth of a percentage more player advantage does not make the wrong bettor the right bettor, no pun intended. And what's all this talk about the right bettor being better (no pun intended again)? Wait, stop again. I'm confused. Yes, I have successfully confused myself and can only imagine what it has done to you.

Let's set the record straight, shall we? The difference in House Edge between the right bettor and wrong bettor is so small, or rather, negligible, it is not practical to choose one bet over the other, thinking it will give you a better chance of winning. On the same token, it isn't practical to bet right or wrong based on whether you think the table is hot or cold, as many old-school bettors often do.

Now, I'm not one to be a pessimistic mathematician. I'm not pessimistic and I'm not a mathematician - But you know the type. They will only place their bets by the numbers. No intuitive hunches or betting by instinct. I for one think that betting on a hunch is an impulse to follow. But basing your entire betting pattern on this theory is impractical if you ask me.

However, I will say this. If you are incorporating optimized strategy into your craps betting, meaning you are backing your bets with full odds, the right bettor is less taxing on one's bankroll. When the right bettor backs full odds, he only has to put up the short end of the bet, which means he will get paid more compared to how much he is putting at risk.

Although the wrong bettor has the same odds, he has to put on the long end of the bet, thus putting more at risk for the same payout as the right bettor. In essence, the wrong bettor has to wager more money faster on the free odds in order to have a chance of making the same profit as the right bettor. This is why some players advise to primarily bet with the shooter.

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