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Craps Strategy - Increasing the Pace of Pass Line Betting With Come Bets

One of the reasons I like playing Craps is because it is a slow game. I know what you're thinking. I must be out of mind to think craps is a slow game, right? Okay, well maybe it would be more apt to say craps is a "long" game.

What I mean is if you are betting the pass line, it is going to take - on average - 3.4 dice rolls to settle whether you win or lose. For some gamblers, this is way too long to not have other chips working for them on the table. For me, I am more than content to play one bet at a time. Besides, when playing in the online casino, hands are going to be played considerably faster. Sure, its partly because of the technology. It's also because the casino wants you to play more hands. Go figure. That's exactly why software platforms give you the option to slow or speed down the rate of play, but are invariably on one of the faster settings by default. I think its also why online casinos licensed in the UK naturally play a slower hand by default. It's part of the regulation protocols. And rightly so if you ask me.

Anyways, I digress. Craps is a long game. For those players who want to increase the tempo of the game, in addition to your pass line bet, the most obvious and smartest bet to make is a come bet. What is great about the come bet is that it can be made on any dice roll, and not just the come-out roll (unlike like the pass line bet). Even if the shooter is trying to hit his point, you can still make a come bet.

To make the Come Bet, set your chips in the Come box, and the next dice roll will put the bet into play. Just like the pass line bet, if the initial dice roll is a 7 or 11, the bet wins. If its a 2,3 or 12, the bet loses. Any other number establishes the point. In theory, you could have a several point numbers playing for you at once. Just remember that as soon as the player rolls a 7, all bets are lost and a new come-out roll is in order. The only bets that win are come bets made immediately prior to the 7 being rolled, because for them the 7 is a natural.

The Come Bet pays even money and returns a Casinos Edge of 1.414%. It is very similar to the pass-line bet and is often repeatedly made by players betting with a shooter who is thought to be "hot".

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