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Casino Gambling Strategy - Don't Waste Money on Gambling Online Magazine

My strategy tip for the day: Don't subscribe to Gambling Online Magazine.

There are lots of poker magazines in circulation these days. Throw all the webzines into the mix and you've probably got enough poker articles to consume an entire day of reading. I think lots of these magazines are pretty informative and cool, but like I said, nobody can possibly keep up with all of them. My recommendation is to sign up for a couple of quarterly subscriptions and then subscribe to a couple new magz when the old one's have expired. After a year, you will have gotten through the bulk of them and then you can decide whether you want to do a longer subscription to any single mag or just a few. Remember that many poker magazines only get published on a quarterly basis. If that's the case, just buy a single issue off the news stand and give it a thorough read-through.

Although I'm not here to give any specific magazine recommendations, I will say this. I will never, ever, ever buy another issue of Gambling Online Magazine as long as I live. If somebody gives me a free issue, sure, I'll read it over. But pay for one - no way. The reason I say this is because I bought an issue of Gambling Online Magazine (GOM) in a Barnes and Noble at Union Square in New York City, and I don't know if it was in the magazine or on their website, which I checked out after buying the magazine, but there was an offer for a subscription at 50% off the normal price. I believe Gambling Online Magazine is published on a quarterly basis, so this particular subscription was for only $10 (normally $20 I believe).

I ordered it online and then waited for a month. No magazine. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, thinking since it was published quarterly, I would get the next issue later. I sent an email to verify this, which bounced back. I tried contacting them through their forum - no answer. I finally found an email (I believe on the magazine I had bought) and sent an email. At this point, it had been way after the fact and considering they never replied to my forum post, I threatened to report them the Better Business Bureau or something like that and they miraculously got back to me with some excuse and promised to mail me a complimentary GOM awards publication, followed by my regular subscription.

Well, its been over six months and I still have not received my subscription. I did get the complimentary magazine, but that was it. Nothing else. I seriously would have reported them, but I got busy and was traveling and never got around to it. I only remembered about it now because I was going to write an article about PaddyPoker's Battle of the Mags Competition. Well, that obviously got derailed, and I feel a little bit better in the process. No Gambling Online Magazine for me.

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