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When I first decided to create a web page dedicated to online gambling strategy I seriously wondered "who is going to listen to what I have to say about strategy?" I have no formal credentials, don't make a living off of beating the casinos edge and probably barely passed my tenth grade algebra class. But then I thought, "does anybody really have a right to talk about gambling strategy?". Even with flawless, optimized strategy, the casino will still have the edge. The fact of the matter is that luck plays a part in all gambling activities. Granted, optimized strategy is going to capitalize on the lucky moments that are bound to happen. Optimized online gambling strategy will also keep you gambling longer and improving your chances of winning over the long haul. So there is incentive for all gamblers to use some degree of strategy after all. So why should you pay attention to some average Joe publishing casino strategy articles on his website? Not that you have to, or that by not doing so will doom you till the end of time; However, it should be noted that all of the strategy articles presented here are taken directly from the pros (basically, anyone who is actually qualified to teach gambling strategy). I always cite the source(s) of every strategy article, whether taken from a published and respected book or a gambling magazine. Furthermore, in keeping with the journalistic theme of Casino Scrutiny, I will put these strategies to the test and report my experiences using them in the online casino. Even better, put each lesson to the test yourself by practicing with fun money. Just don't try to cash out your play money winnings. For some odd reason, the online casinos won't let you.

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