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I logged into my account at Slotland today (November 30) to give them another whirl and write a review of them, and I had $14.25 left in my account. I thought I had cleaned my account out last time I played there, but I guess I didn't. So I went to deposit $100 more or so, and I got a message on the screen that I wasn't allowed to deposit any more money right now because I either had a pending withdrawal or money still in my account. Seems like a silly policy to me, but I went ahead and played Golden8 for a little bit.

Golden8 is a very traditional slot machine game, and like all of's games, it's played in your browser window using some kind of html software that doesn't require a download, flash, or java. Golden8 has all the traditional symbols like bells, bars and fruit. There are 8 paylines and 3 reels, and you can bet between 50 cents and $1.50 per line. I won something on about half of my spins there, but it's almost always less than my $4 bet.

Golden8 ties into Slotland's progressive jackpot, just like all of their slot games. Slotland offers maybe 8 or 9 games only, and they are all slot games, even the video poker and blackjack games. And they all tie into the same progressive jackpot too. (When I say they're all slot games, I mean that the odds don't reflect an actual deck of cards when you play.)

About 5 spins later, my account was low enough that I could deposit more money. Hooray! I deposited $100 and got an instant $10 bonus. (They pay a 10% bonus on all NETeller deposits.)

My plan is to try at least 2 spins at every Slotland game and record the results here now, including Golden8.

Golden8 Spins at Slotland

Spun it twice, betting $4 on each spin. Didn't win a thing. Dang it. But it's a cool game if you like traditional slot machine type games. I wish there were sound effects to go along with the graphics. I think Slotland gets a bad rap about their software; their graphics are actually pretty attractive, and I think the lack of sound is the biggest drawback.

HeavyMetal at Slotland

I'm not entirely sure I understand this game, but it could just be because I'm tired today. Apparently you can hold certain symbols if you like them, but I was never able to figure out how. I made a couple of spins and gave up on it. Didn't win any money.'s Magic

I love the look and feel of this game, maybe because I've always been a Dungeons and Dragons fan. But the symbols and the artwork on this game really stand out nicely from the other games. Took a couple of spins here, and won $2.50 on one spin. It's a 5 line game at 50 cents per line, so I had a net loss of $2.50 on this game.

SilverKiss - for Adults

This is actually my favorite game at Slotland. Not only do I understand the game, but I get to look at pictures of naked women. Some people might be prudish and criticize me for this, but 90% of the heterosexual men I know also like to look at pictures of naked women. And if you're that prudish, what are you doing on a gambling site anyway?

I won money on 2 out of 3 spins, and on the 3rd spin, I got to unlock a picture. One of the cool things about this game is that you can select what kind of pictures you're interested in: teens, babes, lesbian babes, or hot action. I may come back and play this game some more this afternoon.

Slotland's Jacks or Better Game

The Jacks or Better video poker game has been the subject of some controversy on some of the gambling forums online. Turns out they don't act like a normal video poker machine, which works like a deck of cards. The jacks or better game at Slotland is literally programmed to work as a slot machine, and that's how it can tap into the jackpot that all their games share.

I got a full house on my first hand and won $9. On my 2nd hand I got dealt a flush and won $6 more. Digging it.


This is another video poker game, with 3 hands being played simultaneously. There are 2 wild cards in each deck. One thing that was confusing for me with both of Slotland's video poker games was the hold/discard functionality. Every other software I've played on held the card when you clicked on it. This is true even at a live casino. At though, when you click on a card, you're choosing to discard it.

Hit nothing on my first round, but on my 2nd round I got a couple of 3 of a kind's. Won $6 for that, which isn't much, but I guess with the wild cards, it's easier to get a 3 of a kind.

Spacejack - A No-Download Blackjack Slot Machine Game

I got confused about which hand was mine and which one was the dealer's, but I broke even on the 2 spins I played. It's a unique game though. You're dealt 3 blackjack hands, and when you hit one hand, you have to hit all hands. Same if you stand. BUT, since it's a slot machine game, and not a card game simulation, strategy doesn't really matter very much. The game is going to pay out at whatever % it's programmed to pay out at.


This is a neat game. TreasureBox is a slot machine that plays like a multi-hand video poker game. You spin the bottom reel, then decide which (if any) symbols you want to hold on all 4 lines. Then you get to spin again to see if you win anything. I had a net loss but did win on one of the payline once.


Another unique game. It's a 3 reel slot with a single payline, but every time you lose, a percentage of your loss is banked until you hit the bonus Booster round. When you spin the Booster round, you get a chance to win all the money you've banked playing until that point. This reminded me a little bit of It's Good to be Bad from Microgaming.


Another "video poker" game. This one has 7's as the wild card. I hit a straight with 2 7's in the first hand I played, but nothing on the 2nd. The graphics are cool, as usual, kinda Greco-Roman flavored.


Play just like the Magic game I talked about above, only the symbols are all Halloween-themed. There are black cats, ghosts, and jack-o-lantern symbols. It's a good looking game, and fun.


SantaSleigh is a Christmas-theme version of Striking7's. It plays exactly the same way. I only took 2 spins, and I lost both of them.


This is Slotland's newest game, and it's available not only on the internet, but also on cell phone and wireless devices. It's a 3 reel slot with 5 paylines, and you have the option to hold some reels after a spin. I had a net loss on this game too.

I finished up my play at Slotland by losing my entire bankroll of $110 playing Golden8. That turned out to be the game I was most interested in. I played SilverKiss for a while, but just kept losing. I did a little better at Golden8, but the money just plain didn't last.

Overall Slotland Observations

Slotland is a good casino for SOME players. If you're using a Mac, then is 100% compatible, and you don't need to download any software. It also helps if you're a slot player. The games are fun and unique, but if you're a video poker or a blackjack player, you'll possibly come away from a session there frustrated.

The biggest drawback Slotland has is the lack of sound. The graphics are honestly just as good as the graphics at any downloadable casino. Although I guess the few games to choose from might also be a drawback too.

But their bonus offer of 100% up to $100 with a 1x wagering requirement is quite possibly the single best offer online. If you like slots games, then Slotland might be worth trying. But if you're looking for roulette or baccarat, you won't find them here.

Updated on February 27, 2006

I deposited and played through another $200 at Slotland last week, and it was, as I expected, a lot of fun. I didn't have a winning session unfortunately, and I'm not sure how often they update their pictures on the Silver Kiss video slot game, but it was still pretty fun. Definitely still on the recommended list though.

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