Millionaire Casino Review

So I played at Millionaire Casino and I'm still not a millionaire. Does that mean I should be? Probably not. Could I have been? It's possible. You'll notice on Millionaire Casino's website a realtime update of total progressive jackpots, which last time I was there, read over $1.5 million. Although millionaires are certainly made at online casinos, the odds of that happening to you and me are very slim. The question I should be posing instead is "Did I win any money at Millionaire Casino?" And the answer to that question is yes. That's a good thing...or else this review would have had some serious catching up to do.

Getting Started

One of the first things you'll notice when visiting Millionaire Casino's website is that they have "Game Demos". Although these are not demos in the sense of what you might expect in an online tutorial, I found them somewhat useful in getting an idea of what the graphics of the software look like (if you haven't figured it out already from the other reviews, I'm big on graphics). Other than that, they're pretty much pointless. They are not going to teach you how to play or even navigate the software for that matter. Your better off reading up on the rules, which are also available on the website, or better yet, on the software platform.

Being that I'm already familiar with the rules, not to mention Vegas Technology software, I went ahead and started the download. I have a Broadband connection and it took little over one minute to download and install the software. I entered my registration details - Name, gender, date of birth and email address (your same old fare), and I was logged into the software platform and ready to play.

Software and Games

The slots selection is definitely a plus at Millionaire Casino, considering they are not a slots-themed site. There was a bunch of new games recently added, so I decided to give these a chance on a $100 bankroll.

I started off playing Fat Cat - a five reel, twenty pay-line video slot offering stakes from one cent to $5 and max jackpots of $25,000. I had several small change wins, but the most I won on $1 spins was $4 and took an overall loss of about $10 on twenty-something spins. Not bad.

X Marks the Spot is also a five reel, twenty pay-line video slot. It's max jackpot, however, is twice as large as Fat Cat and offers a max credit of $10. Right from the start, this machine was very loose. I won something on practically every spin, and in about two minutes I was up $10. I was putting down $.05 credits on all twenty paylines ($1 total wager) and walked away with $8 on one spin. About three spins after that I hit the bonus round (three treasure maps on the screen at once) and won $18.75 in bonus round money. Unfortunately, I got greedy and opted to trade my winnings for a key to the treasure chest, which turned out only having $8.75. Oh well. I still walked away ahead. Two thumbs up for "X Marks the Spot".

I decided to give the newly launched "Reel Deal" slots a chance because I had read about them in a press release and they sounded like a good bet. The pay structure was similar to X Marks the Spot, but the max jackpot on Reel Deal was for $100K. The action started off slow, but I managed to get about fifteen minutes of non-stop spins before going down about $20. I hit the Scatter feature two times and kept holding out for the Bonus, but to no avail. It was fun, but I still liked X Marks the Spot better.

I had a good feeling about Daredevil Dave and so decided to give it a try next. I also noticed a theme in my betting pattern - playing for larger jackpots each new game. Since Daredevil Dave offered a max jackpot of $200K I thought, "Why the hell not?" This is yet another five reel, twenty payline video slot offering coin sizes of one cent to $10. I managed to get in over 50 bets at $1 a pop and was down about $50. Just when I was about to call it quits, lo and behold I hit the bonus (I didn't even know it had a bonus!) There's no luck in this one folks. Just click the play button and watch Daredevil Dave air his motorcycle over various obstacles, including a jumbo jet and the Grand Canyon. I won $25 on the bonus and ended up where I started off at. A good time to take a break I think.

So far I was only down $20 and decided to get serious with some blackjack action. I took it to the craps tables first. I lost on the first comeout roll but hit a seven on the very next comeout, earning me $10 (minimum bets at craps are $5 and maximums are $100). After about ten minutes of strategic play (basically playing the pass line and doubling odds), I had won $55 and was up $35 from my original $100 bankroll. The speed of play was quick, although it was a little inconvenient not having a rebet button.

Similar Sites and Overall Rating

Did I mention that Millionaire Casino is part of the English Harbour Gaming Ventures group? (I could go back and read this review from the top and answer my own question, but I'm just going to pretend like I never even asked it). If you have ever played at English Harbour Casino, you know all too well that Millionaire and English Harbour are sister sites. In fact, they are pretty much the same casino. The main difference is that Millionaire's welcome bonus is 100% for $350 Free, while English Harbour's is 150% for $450 Free. These are both great bonuses to use on slots, so take your pick. Casino Scrutiny gives two thumbs up to both casinos. That being said, if there's anything else you wanted to know about Millionaire Casino, such as freeroll tournaments and weekly bonuses, you can find all this on my English Harbour Casino review.



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