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Big Time Winner

On September 25, 2009 one of the luckiest players in the world of online casinos hit a huge jackpot that some only dream of. That lucky player placed a wager of $200 into $400,000 in a matter of three days. The online casino that hosted this amazing win was Royal Ace Casino. They were the ones that reported this pretty amazing win. The customer service manager, Paulie Mancini said that he was reviewing the account on Sunday afternoon and he could tell that Hasmik was doing well from the beginning of the day. Hasmik is a player from California who had been doing well from the beginning of the tournament. What is interesting about this winner is that the blitz lasted three days. Online casino players usually do not have streaks that last that long.

The timeline for her win is actually pretty impressive. The biggest hits for the online casino player were made over the weekend. Within the first four hours of playing at the online casino the very lucky lady had already achieved huge leaps and bounds by any online casino standards. Hasmik had over $8,000 in her account within four hours of playing at the online casino. Then the online casino started paying attention to her winning streak. Because moments later the online casino player won her first big jackpot for $64,000 at the online casino slot machine Paris Beauty. This huge online casino win took place on the 26th of September around 3 am. Online casinos are, after all open 24 hours.

Mancini, the operator of the online casino was watching the whole time. Mancini said that, "Her balance was bouncing around quite a bit, and when she made her next hit for $15 000, again on Paris Beauty, her balance had fallen from $73 000 to less than $68 000. After the $15 000 hit though, she was back up to almost $100 000. Without going over every win the player made over these three days of playing, we can layout all of the big wins for you." This is great publicity for this online casino. Mancini continued to comment on Hasmik’s win by saying, "Between the time of Hasmik's initial $100 deposit and the first few big slots wins we have already described, she then switched to playing the Triple Toucan slot machine and hit for another $45 000, $27 000, and then a $270 000 hit during the free spin feature of Triple Toucan on Sunday afternoon; at which point her balance was over the $400 000 mark." It was then that the very lucky player decided to end her playing. The online casino operator Mancini ended the interview by saying, "This is one of the biggest slots wins we have seen to date, and all of us here are very excited for her."



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