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The Hunt Continues: 1

There is a lot going on in the United States at the moment, one of the most interesting things to watch at the moment seems to be how the online casino industry is being treated in the midst of inevitable legalization. Some say that the legalization of online casinos and internet gambling in the United states is coming in the very near future and there fore means that some government officials are trying to take one last stab at the online casino industry while they can. The reason why this is being said may be due to the fact that all of the seized funds from the earlier online poker debacle is still in government possession. Its either that or the fact that Uncle Sam is losing the power in the internet gambling and online casino war. The more likely reason is due to the government funds currently drying up and all the sudden there is a need for the funds that are generated by online casinos and the online casino industry.

Several offices have beefed up their efforts in the online casino game. The US Attorney’s office which is located in Baltimore, Maryland has currently increased their efforts in keeping the money that was seized away from the online gamblers with the Assets Forfeiture and Financial crimes. They are currently looking out for funds that were attained from illegal manners and the task force that they have assembled has created their agenda which is focusing primarily on taking down more serious things like mortgage fraud and other financial criminal crimes, which does include online casinos and internet gambling.

The online casino fight will continue on. U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rodstein of Maryland said, “Seizing and forfeiting ill-gotten gains enables us to take the profit out of crime and use the proceeds to compensate victims.” He went on to add, “This new unit will work with federal authorities and with state and local officials on a wide range of cases in which federal forfeiture and money laundering statutes can help punish and deter crime. Federal laws allow us to pursue forfeiture of assets for many crimes, including mortgage fraud. Assets subject to forfeiture may include the fruits of crime – such as homes and vehicles purchased with criminal proceeds- and also the instrumentalities of crime – such as computers, vehicles and real estate used by criminals.”



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