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Joe Bidenís Son Quits Job Due to Online Casino Ties
It is amazing how things can change over night when enough pressure is applied. Hunter Biden, Senator John Bidenís son, is reportedly not lobbying to legalize online casinos.

Ivobank Expands its Service
Online casino play is often riddled with problems. First of all, it is illegal in the United States to gamble online. For the rest of the world, internet gambling and winning big just got easier.

New Casino Launched
Wizard Gaming has launched its newest website, This online casino has been in the works for over 2 years. It is the first officially licensed website for the group. Becomes Official Sponsor for Bulgarian Football
The World Cup is one of the most watched events in the world each and every year. With sports and highly publicized events, come gambling. Online casinos have long been taking advantage of sporting events and things of that nature.

Canadian Academics Shout Their Opinions
Internet gambling has long been a highly discussed subject. A Canadian newspaper, The Edmonton Sun, reported that people in the academic community fear the problems that could be attached to online casinos.

New Bill Taxes Winners in Netherlands
One of the ideas that is coming out of pro online casino gambling community is that if the industry is properly taxed and regulated, that it could turn out to be a positive economic power.

Casino Games Developed for iPhone Users
Over the past few months any one who is tech savvy owns one of the coveted new Apple iPhones. Even if you are left in the technological dust, you at least know how cool these new gadgets are.

Online Poker Site Reaches 1.5 Million Players
Since the passing of the UIGEA there are only a small number of American based online casinos that can be considered legal. Because of the legal terms that are allowing these few elite online gambling sites to remain in business, all of the American players are flocking in large numbers so they can keep on playing their favorite games.

Online Casinos Trying to Capitalize on Mac Users
So far the online casino industry is catering solely to people that own PCs. But if one looks at the figures of Mac owners compared to PC owners, it will be realized that there is a large market that the online gambling community could catch and get to play at their establishment.

GoneBingoís New Monthly Promotion
Most online casinos offer cash prizes or additional playing points as their monthly special promotions. But the Cyprus-based bingo site has a different strategy in mind.

New Roulette Ads Two More Wheels
In the battle of online casinos to try and attract new customers, the first method always seems to be great deal, promotions, and offers. But there seems to be a niche in the market that are attracted to new games. Re-launches With Free Money Offer
Anytime an online casino comes back onto the scene, it has to reinvent itself and send a positive message that will lead players to its gaming halls. has recently been re-launched, and it is trying to gain members by offering a month of huge promotions and values.

All Inclusive Birthday Party Invitation from Jackpot
It is common sense that if anyone can throw a good party, a casino is at, if not near the top of that list. With the river of money that flows through these buildings or virtual buildings, it is no wonder why they do not mind exploiting and enjoying it.

New VIP Upgrade Means More Points
There is something about being a very important person, or at least paying to be considered a very important person that makes one feel, well, important. This is the new idea behind the upgrade that has recently announced.

eCOGRA Resolves a Majority of Complaints
If you have ever felt like you have been wronged by an online casino, you have probably contacted the eCommerce Online Gambling Regulations and Assurance (eCOGRA).

Eternal Poker Struggle: Skill or Luck?
There is an eternal struggle between opposing forces. The most common that comes to mind is good versus evil. No one can ever assume either is going to win, nonetheless become stronger than the other.

Neteller Executive Chairman Resigns
This past week has been a publicists nightmare for the Isle of Man based e-wallet Neteller. It has been announced that the executive chairman Gord Herman will be resigning due to that fact that he needs to 'concentrate on personal matters'.

Is Poker a Sport or a Game?
Sports are a great pastime. When one thinks of sports certain things come to mind: soccer, baseball, basketball and football, right? Yes, but that's not all...

Cryptologicís Asian Investment Pays Off
The online casino company of Cryptologicís business is booming and thereís nothing cryptic about that. The company invested in an Asian based company called Mahjong Time.

Prince of Poker Appologizes
Everyone knows that when put in to intense, high pressure, high stakes situations the best of people is not often what you get. The world of online casinos and gambling in general has been known to get pretty ugly. Now to Include Russian Ruble
Even though we in America consider gambling or even modernized gambling in the form of online casinos to be a vice that plagues society, the rest of the world does not agree.

Committee Recommends Ireland as Home Base for Online Casinos
There has always been a discussion on the pros and cons of gambling. Ever since the creation of online casinos and the ease as to which people can participate in online gambling, the issue has been increasingly debated. Penalized Again
The online casino is being penalized again for processing payments in the United States. According to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, there shall be no money transferring from any financial institutions to an online gambling website, with the exception of fantasy leagues, horse racing and online lotteries.

French Government is Regulating Online Casinos
French authorities announced recently that they will create an agency that will regulate and monitor their countryís online casinos and operations. This announcement is long awaited, as the online casino debate seems to always be a heated one.

Three Brothers Await Sentencing
The United States has strict laws and regulations regarding the advertising and operating of online casinos. As of right now, advertising for an online casino is illegal.

Online Gambling Psychology is a College Program
The world of online casinos has seen a lot of development over the last couple of years none quite as interesting as this: a college program dedicated to the studying of online casino psychology. The Nottingham Trent University has a new masters program titled Cyber Psychology.

Online Casinos = Child Pornography?
Leave it to an Alabama Congressman to say that gambling at online casinos is like child pornography. Congressman Spencer Bachus says that Americaís newest addiction is the online casino. Names its New Ambassador
The online casino has named its new ambassador. The site chose the twenty four year old Danish man, Jesper Hougaard as its new poker ambassador.

Townsend Admits to Multi-Accounting
It is in our culture to admire and adore sports starts. We even go far enough to call them heroes. But because of these overly awed pop stars blown up reputations, they are under high scrutiny when anything they do is thought negatively on.

Bingo Site Giving Free Credits to New Users
From being a young child to a wise elder, everyone loves playing bingo. The playing field is even for everyone because there is no skill involved. This is technically a social lottery with the similar small entrance fee but pig pay rewards.

New Free Slots Tournament
Even though online casinos had a record number of players this past month, they are still trying to think of new methods to tap into the infinite supply of internet users that do not partake in online gambling games.

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