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Pitbull Poker Justice: 1
There have been a number of stories written in the recent weeks about the practices of an online gambling site called Pitbull Poker. This online casino has become well known for their aggressive tactics on how they recruit their players. A lot of online casinos have similar tactics, but none have been accused of being as aggressive as Pitbull Poker. The accusations that this company has had to face in the past months have made the internet gambling site out to be a shady online poker site. The way that they have been introducing players to their site is by offering any player $10 cash just for signing up for a Pitbull Poker account. The internet poker site featured many flash based games which definitely helped lure in the players but that is not what is making this internet gambling site so controversial.

The online casino made internet gambling very accessible for their players and they also created a very comfortable atmosphere which encouraged players to spend all of their money on their site. So where is the problem, you ask? Well it did not take the players of this online casino to figure out that something was just not quite right about this online casino. There was just something that was not right about this online casino for the players. The thoughts of computers and programmed robots sitting at the main tables and rigging the games that were being played by honest and unsuspecting players arose into many player’s minds. The fact that a lot of players felt like over and over again there seemed to be the feeling that someone was able to see all of their cards, and in the world of online casinos and internet gambling, that is not an accusation that is taken lightly.



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