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Poland's New Stance: 1

The European Commission may soon have to take some action in order to keep order in the European Union. It seems like Poland is going to become the next country in the European Union to ban online casinos and Internet gambling the European commission has already been alerted to the fact that Poland has not been following up with all of the trade agreements that were set into place when they join the European Union. The investigation was conducted when several complaints were received from a number of different countries. This is not the first country that has been investigated by the European Union as a suspect in violating trade agreements. One of the most notable countries to be investigated as the United States, as they have been notoriously criticized and investigated further ban on online casinos.

As far as the United States is concerned that did not take the commission very long to respond to the change in legislation. In the United States they passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which made it very difficult for the online casino industry to operate in the United States. The European Union almost immediately launched an investigation on the United States after the sudden ban on online casinos especially due to the fact that it was attached to a port security bill which as far as everyone was concerned was a must pass bill. Earlier this year the European Union gave the United States a bit of a grace period in order to respond to their request for changing of their legislation. The requirements were for the United States to change their laws in order to comply with their trade agreements.



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