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If you're not looking for casino gambling news, sorry to disappoint you. This page contains nothing but news, news and more news - in true Web log fashion. As you might have already read amongst the pages of Casino Scrutiny, I am a gaming site webmaster with lots of time on my hands. I basically spend a majority of this time reading up on the latest betting news, investigating the gossip and getting the inside scoop on anything and everything related to casinos and gambling. I know that most people could care less if a casino gets a new CEO or starts a new marketing campaign. That's why I'm going to do my best (I repeat, do my best) to write about news that has more of an impact on players. Betting legislation is definitely newsworthy because that affects us all. So are tournament results, big jackpot wins and upcoming promotions. You get the idea. If you start getting bored, take a breather and hit up the slot machines. That should wake you up. Disclaimer: Although I make an attempt to bring humor to my news articles, I will not necessarily make you laugh, giggle or smirk.

The Latest Casino News

New Approach to Online Casinos
The online casino industry in the United States has always had a love hate relationship with government and the authority figures.

Noble Gets Industry Seal: 2
The news we launched online casino, Noble Casino, is licensed in Gibraltar which is not an easy area for an online casino to be licensed out of.

Noble Gets Industry Seal: 1
Noble Casino has some reason to celebrate, have recently been reviewed by the UK gambling portal and they were subsequently awarded the prestigious industry seal from

Frenzy for Free Play: 2
Free online casino tournaments usually come with strings attached.

Frenzy for Free Play: 1
Free online casino tournaments do not come around very often, but when they do there is disordered state of frenzy that develops among online casino players.

Poland's New Stance: 2
Online casinos in legislation issues have gone hand-in-hand for quite some time now.

Poland's New Stance: 1
The European Commission may soon have to take some action in order to keep order in the European Union.

Super Slots Tournaments Gear Up: 2
The holidays are approaching and that only means one thing for online casinos, people will be spending more than they normally do.

Super Slots Tournaments Gear Up: 1
There are not many online casinos that are constantly full but there is one online casino that always has a full and entertaining lobby.

Payment Solutions Favor Aussies
Online casinos have recently expanded their options for online payments at their internet casino cashiers.

Win an iPhone at Intertops
Online casinos are constantly trying to come up with ways to seduce players onto their internet gambling sites.

Internet Gambling in Las Vegas: 2
The recent movements in the United States legislation for possibly legalizing the online casino world has many thinking that Las Vegas is the natural place to become the new headquarters for internet gambling.

Internet Gambling in Las Vegas: 1
It is safe to say that when the legislation against online casinos changes in the United States that Las Vegas will be a great source of competition for the rest of the online casino industry.

New Millionaire
There is a new millionaire in the online casino world and that is all thanks to the Microgaming online casino.

Swansea City Honorary Player
One lucky fan of the British Championship soccer team Swansea City has just been awarded an honorary spot on the team.

Rushmore Jackpots: 2
An online casino that allows free play is an online casino that players should definitely gravitate to.

Rushmore Jackpots: 1
As we previously mentioned, it seems like online casino jackpots are hot lately.

Russian Online Casino Popularity
Russians are currently raving over online casinos and instant lotteries.

Plenty Progressive Jackpots: 2
There have been an exceeding amount of online casinos hitting their jackpots earlier than usual.

Plenty Progressive Jackpots: 1
Progressive Jackpots are almost as popular as regular online casino slot machines now a days.

Mid Week Tournaments
Weekend tournaments are the key to some online casino’s success.

Guilty Plea Withdrawn: 2
The former Chief Executive Officer of BetOnSports dropped a metaphorical bomb on the his lawyer and the US authorities who were charging him with illegal online casino operation.

Guilty Plea Withdrawn: 1
There was a very interesting move recently made in the legal realm of the online casino world.

Cocoa Jackpots Are Hot: 2
Cocoa Casino has a good variety of online casino games and video slot machines.

Cocoa Jackpots Are Hot: 1
As far as summer jackpots go, the Cocoa Casino’s progressive jackpots have not been hitting an overwhelming amount when compared to other online casinos.

Golden Casino Daily Bonuses: 2
Golden Casino is one of the most well known online casinos for a reason.

Golden Casino Daily Bonuses: 1
There are few online casinos that are notorious for giving as many bonus opportunities as the online casino, Golden Casino.

Online Casinos Thrive Despite Economy: 2
Online casino players have been fueling the online casino industry and have made this year’s numbers tower over the profits of the land based casino industry.

Online Casinos Thrive Despite Economy: 1
So far the land based casinos have not faired so well against the online casinos of the world.

Pitbull Poker Justice: 3
The Pitbull Poker online casino bosses have now been arrested and they will hopefully have to pay for the crimes they committed towards the players of their internet gambling site.

Pitbull Poker Justice: 2
Pitbull Poker has been the subject of some very serious online casino malpractice accusations.

Pitbull Poker Justice: 1
There have been a number of stories written in the recent weeks about the practices of an online gambling site called Pitbull Poker.

Big Time Winner
On September 25, 2009 one of the luckiest players in the world of online casinos hit a huge jackpot that some only dream of.

Big Win on Cool Hand Poker: 2
Victor K seems to be the luckiest man on the online casino circuit for now.

Big Win on Cool Hand Poker: 1
There is a new wave in the world of poker and that means that you do not need to have a perfect hand in order to win some big money.

Blackjack Popularity Grows: 2
Online blackjack is growing steadily in popularity.

Blackjack Popularity Grows: 1
Online gambling players are coming back to the internet for more fun especially now that there are more options for people to gamble online.

Dragon Fish gets Deal
The online casino group, Dragonfish recently announced that they signed yet another major deal with an online casino group.

Everest Poker and WSOP
Online casinos are currently trying to use any tactic to attract new players.

Virgin Joins CryptoLogic: 3
The way that the deal with CryptoLogic and Virgin Games online casino will work is pretty simple.

Virgin Joins CryptoLogic: 2
CryptoLogic’s progressive jackpots have made a splash in the online casino industry for years.

Virgin Joins CryptoLogic: 1
CryptoLogic has long been one of the most popular names in the online casino industry.

Lucky 18 Bonuses
New player promotions are not very hard to find in the online casino world.

US Players Accepted for Tournament: 3
Online casinos often have coupon codes, but Golden Casino has a really awesome one at this time.

US Players Accepted for Tournament: 2
The online casino tournament that is currently taking place at the popular online casino, Golden Casino has plenty to offer online casino enthusiasts.

US Players Accepted for Tournament: 1
Golden Casino is usually always on the look out to out do themselves.

Online Vegas Promos: 2
Online casinos always want their players to be able to transition into a real money account.

Online Vegas Promos: 1
When players enter the world of online casinos, for the most part, they take advantage of the free play options an online casino may have to offer.

Choosing Online Casinos: 3
Online casino players can choose an internet gambling site for any number of reasons.

Choosing Online Casinos: 2
Online casino players love to also talk online.

Choosing Online Casinos: 1
Players of the online casino world are constantly trying to find out how to pick out the best online casinos.

Jackpot Hit at RTG
Online casinos are always glad to announce that a player has won on of their jackpots.

Kung Fu Games: 2
Ultimate Fighter is a name that would attract anyone who is a video gamer at heart.

Kung Fu Games: 1
Online casino players are always on the look out for the next best thing.

CryptoLogic and Marvel Extend Contract: 2
Fans of online casinos and Marvel Entertainment can breathe a sigh of relief.

CryptoLogic and Marvel Extend Contract: 1
There was a press release recently announced from Dublin which announced that CryptoLogic has renewed their exclusive contract with Marvel Entertainment.

Vegas Palms Customer Service: 2
Getting started at the online casino brought to the internet gambling world by Vegas Palms casino is one of the easier sign ups in online casinos.

Vegas Palms Customer Service: 1
Vegas Palms is one of the most popular and well known casinos on the Vegas Strip.

Progressive Jackpots and Bonuses: 2
Online casinos offering lots of new games and bonuses is nothing new.

Progressive Jackpots and Bonuses: 1
Progressive jackpots are definitely one of the biggest draws of the online casino industry.

Silver Bets Blackjack
A lot of online casinos are offering Blackjack online for their players, but not many online casinos are doing it like Silver Bets Casino.

Win Solid Gold: 2
The newest method of online depositing for online casinos is called GoldPay and it is something that has caused quite a stir.

Win Solid Gold: 1
For those online casino players who have had trouble depositing at their favorite online casino, look no further.

The Hunt Continues: 2
The US government has it out for anyone committing financial crimes, and the online casino industry is not exempt from the investigations.

The Hunt Continues: 1
There is a lot going on in the United States at the moment, one of the most interesting things to watch at the moment seems to be how the online casino industry is being treated in the midst of inevitable legalization.

Jackpot Drought Ends: 2
The recent online casino wins have come as a bit of a surprise to some online casinos, but they have been long overdue.

Jackpot Drought Ends: 1
It is usually pretty exciting to find out about players winning big at online casinos.

South African Regulation
It looks like many countries are starting to seriously consider changing their online casino legislation.

Tiger Ups Online Casino Traffic
Tiger Woods is without a doubt one of the greatest and most popular golfers in the world.

NFL Season for Online Casinos
This year it is not only the sports book sites that are getting excited about the upcoming NFL football season.

20K Guaranteed?
Every weekend in August, there are two online casinos that are offering 20K in slot tournaments.

Slot Power Scratch Cards: 2
Slot Power Casino recently announced their venture into the realm of scratch card games at their online casino.

Slot Power Scratch Cards: 1
One of the newest crazes in online casinos is the scratch card games.

Las Vegas Legislations
The United States is getting closer to a final verdict on where they stand against the legalization of online casinos.

Golden Casino August Deals
During the month of August, the only thing hotter than the temperature outside may be the online casinos.

New Affiliates
The online casino industry is highly dedicated to the art of customer service and the online casino that has most recently made the news is The Virtual

California Online Poker
Currently there are tribal casino operators that are looking for a way to make intrastate online poker legal in California.

New Casino App
The newest features available to online casino players are apps.

Fall Means NFL
The National Football League has had an interesting relationship with the online casino industry over the years, to say the least.

Roxy Palace Promo: 3
Roxy Palace Online Casino is running several promotions this month in attempts of gaining players to play their new online casino slot machines.

Roxy Palace Promo: 2
The new online casino games that were released by Microgaming top the list of games eligible for double loyalty points at Roxy Palace Online Casino.

Roxy Palace Promo: 1
The latest from the online casino software provider, Microgaming has been announced and it is a sting of new online casino slot machines.

New Millionaires Club Member: 4
CryptoLogic is one of the most sought after online casino software developers on the internet.

New Millionaires Club Member: 3
The recent wins for the CryptoLogic game, Millionaires Club, has given hope to all players on the internet.

New Millionaires Club Member: 2
The online casinos who have the huge progressive slot machines are always hoping that their online casino will be the one to hit the big jackpot.

New Millionaires Club Member: 1
CryptoLogic’s popular online casino game Millionaire’s Club is one of the reasons why the online casino is so popular.

Sign Up Bonus Scams: 3
The online casino world is full of promises that can often sound too good to be true.

Sign Up Bonus Scams: 2
There are a lot of questions that surround online casinos and their advertised welcome bonuses.

Sign Up Bonus Scams: 1
The competition amongst online casinos seems to come down to the bonuses offered by each individual online casino.


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