Breakaway Casino Review

After playing at Mummys Gold and losing my $100, I decided to give Breakaway Casino a try. I deposited $250 there using NETeller, and that part of the process went fine. ( also offers $25 with no deposit required, but I did not take advantage of that.) My bonus didn't show up instantly, but my account was credited immediately when I asked the liveperson support person via chat.

Breakaway Casino Live Support

I also asked the support person (Edmond) what the wagering requirements were, and he advised me that I had to wager 12 times the deposit + bonus in slot machines. I asked him if I could withdraw my funds without the bonus prior to the wagering requirement, and I also asked if video poker was considered a slot machine for purposes of this wagering requirement.

I was advised that I must play my entire deposit at least once before cashing out. I was also advised that video poker did not count as a slot machine. I was disappointed that there was a wagering requirement on the money I deposited; I understand a wagering requirement for a bonus, but not for money I put in the casino. Slots

Mid-Life Crisis

The first game I played was a progressive, 9 line slot machine called Mid-Life Crisis. The bet per line was 25 cents, and the progressive was up to $373,000. I inserted $100. On my first spin I won $25 credits. I won $25 more credits on my 2nd spin with the bonus game. About 3 spins later I won again. I then hit a bonus game called "Pick Your Poison" where I won almost $400.

I liked this game very much. It was unusual, with different sound effects and images than most casino slot games I've seen. Different is good. I've seen enough cherries, plums and bars to last me the rest of my life. The images in Mid-Life Crisis consisted of hot tubs, motorcycles, and young women.

Shopping Spree

After that I tried another progressive game called Shopping Spree. This game was apparently tied into the same progressive jackpot, or at least the amount was the same. I hit a few small wins and cashed out a few minutes later $50 lighter than I had started. Again, I liked the game. Unusual sound effects and images. Different is good.

Light Speed

Another slot game I tried was called Light Speed. I didn't like it was well as the others. It only had one payline, and it didn't seem to pay off very often, not like the other games. The images were of aliens, robots, and flying saucers, so it looked cool, and it was fun, but it didn't tickle my fancy as well as the other games did.

Fruit Frenzy

Fruit Frenzy was next on the list. Radically different from the other games I'd played so far. I was impressed. It's a nickel slot with 25 paylines and 5 reels. I seemed to win a little something every spin, even if about half the time I won less than I had bet. The graphics on this game were very attractive, and I liked it very much.

Conclusion RE: Slots at Breakaway Casino

I played several more slot machine games this session, and I liked all of them. I had always thought that the Realtime Gaming software was sub-standard somehow, but I had never actually given the slot machines there a chance. And that's where Breakaway Casino really shines - with their slot machine games.

I should mention that I really liked It's Good to be Bad too.

Overall Conclusion for Breakaway Casino

Thumbs-up man. Other than the issues with the bonuses I mentioned above, and the cashout policies, this casino rocks. I really dug the different slot machine games. I didn't even play any of the table games, because I was having so much fun on the slot machines. And I'm a poker player, not a slots player, so that's to Breakaway Casino's credit.

I think Breakaway Casino will probably become a regular place for me to play. I finished my hour long session there up over $200, which is the best winning session I've had at any of the casinos so far. When I go back and play more games, I'll add more notes to this review.

By the way, take a look at this site if you're interested in more online casinos. It's a top notch site written by some real pro's with an interesting perspective on the whole online gambling scene. That site was actually one of the inspirations for me to write a really quality website with real casino reviews.

Updated on February 27, 2006

I've since played the slot machine games at Breakaway Casino quite a few times. So far I've really enjoyed their slot games. They hit pretty often, more often than just about any other casino I've played at online. Overall I've still got a losing record, but I'm pretty darn pleased with the casino.

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